FAQ Help Center

Yes! Moke America is fully electric. Plug it into any 110-outlet to charge it. A full charge goes for 40 miles. A full charge takes 8 hours. It’s super easy! * We also sell a gas version of the Moke, which is only available for purchase outside the United States. For more information about international sales, please contact us.

Yes! The Electric Moke is street legal. It’s classified as a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV), and has a maximum speed of 25 MPH. The Moke is street legal on all roads 35 MPH or less.

The Electric Moke has a maximum speed of 25 MPH. The Electric Moke is a street legal, Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). The Moke is street legal on all roads 35 MPH or less.

Currently, we offer 12 colors: Black, White, Red, Orange, Blue (2), Green, Pink (2), Cream, Mint and Yellow. We also have a special Camouflage edition.

Electric Mokes can be charged via any household 110 outlet. Simply plug it into any household outlet. A full charge takes 8 hours and last for 40 miles.

Our batteries charge in 8 hours and run for approximately 40 miles on a full charge. It’s as easy as plugging it into any household outlet overnight.

Yes, you can extend your charger’s reach by using an extension cord, BUT it must be commercial grade only. Do not use household extension cords.

The Moke has 4 seats and seats 4 people. There is a bench upgrade, which comes with 2 seatbelts.

At this time, we are not selling our gas Mokes in the United States. Our gas Mokes are available for purchase in the Caribbean, South America, Europe, China, the Middle East and Africa.

You can purchase our Electric Mokes in America, however. Please check back often, as we will update the site should this change.

Yes! Financing is available.

Yes! We sell an upgraded Bluetooth-enabled stereo system.

The Electric Moke uses maintenance-free gel batteries.

Yes! Parts and accessories are readily available through Moke Coeur d’Alene. We also have a dedicated store where you can buy tops and parts. Visit official store at www.mokeamericashop.com.

Our Electric Moke performs best on inclines less than 20%. For inclines higher than 20%, the Electric Moke will only travel at a max speed of 15/17 MPH up the hill.

Yes! The Moke is registered just like your car. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive the Moke. You will also need to add the Moke to your insurance policy. We follow all the rules of Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs).